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Guesthouse in nature


We select your accommodations not only as a place where you will be able to rest or enjoy delicious food and wine, but also where you will be inspired by the views, style, atmosphere and in some cases meet hosts and enjoy conversation and sharing ideas and toasts. We give a big priority to a small, authentic accommodation and try to avoid industrial hotels wherever it is possible.

We offer different types of accommodations: 5, 4, 3-star hotels, Resorts, Chateaus and guesthouses with private room/bathroom.*


* Only if you book a multiple day trekking in Svaneti and Tusheti regions we will not be able to accommodate you at the guesthouses with private bathrooms every day (simply because there are no such guesthouses in some remote areas), but it will be mentioned in you tour program. We also offer high quality tents during the trekking.

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