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Tusheti horse riding


Georgia is a true paradise for all outdoor enthusiasts. With its diverse landscapes, rich flora and fauna country offers numerous activities which will make your trip an  unforgettable adventure!

Horse Riding


Horse riding is one of the best activity to include in your list while traveling in Georgia. It will allow you not only to enjoy a ride in the beautiful areas, but also to discover the most remote parts of the country which cannot be reached with any other means  of transport. And at the end of the day, camp in the remotest, most idyllic of places or at a home stay to bed down for the night.

Image by Rune Haugseng


There are more than 26 thousand rivers in Georgia. Some of the fast flowing rivers fed from glaciers in the mountains  are perfect for white water rafting and kayaking. Experience this incredible adventure by yourself! There are six grades of difficulty in white water rafting. They range from simple to very dangerous. Amateurs can try lower levels on rivers Mtkvari  and Aragvi, while the lovers of extreme will enjoy  on Tskenistkali,  Enguri   or Rioni rivers 



If you would like to explore the Great Caucasus mountains like an eagle paragliding is a perfect way to do this. Imagine gliding through clear blue skies over the vast landscapes with scenic beauty like no other. Georgia offers a safe and amazing paragliding experience! Paragliding is possible in many locations: Gudauri, Mestia, Sighnaghi, Batumi, Tbilisi.

Mountain Biking


With beautiful and diverse of landscape Georgia is a true paradise for bikers. The area of the country is small, so you can cover the whole Georgia within several days. We recommend you to be careful on the main roads and choose mountain biking as the most enjoyable way of biking.

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Georgia is situated in the central part of the Caucasus region, considered one of the world's 25 biologically richest and most endangered terrestrial ecosystems and one of the ''World's Endemic Bird Areas''. That is why  the country is a very popular destination for birdwatchers as around 360 species of birds can be seen here.  Principal migration routes through the high Caucasus and along the Black Sea corridor provide superb viewing opportunities in stunning settings.

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Off Roading

Another great way to explore Georgia is off-roading with with cars or with endure bikes. You can expect off-road experiences in the most moving natural landscapes of Europe. 4x4 drive to the destinations you can’t reach otherwise. At the same time overcome obstacles and inclines that lead you to places that are simply breathtakingly beautiful.  You will explore the legends, history, wildlife and geology of Georgia. Drive to  stunning road leading to Tusheti and Khevsureti or explore Svaneti, Samegrelo and  Samtskhe Javakheti regions.

Image by Will O


See the beauty of Georgia like never before from a hot air balloon! If you're looking for a special gift, a hot air balloon ride is one of the best. The emotions are overwhelming, the scenery seen from up high is enchanting. You are surrounded by complete silence, as mountains and vineyards slowly pass by beneath the basket. Enjoy the  stunning views over the valley and snow-covered summits of the Great Caucasus unfold before your eyes.



Georgia is a country of mountains over 5000m in height-an ideal place for climbers. With 12 mountains, higher than Mont Blanc and some of the most spectacular peaks in Europe among them, Georgia is becoming the mountaineers’ new favorite destination. Certified and experienced guides are ready to give you a life time  experience.

Image by Clark Young


Georgian lakes and rivers boast with variety of fish species. Major ones are trout, common carp, vendace, chub, crucian carp, silver carp, bighead carp and barbel. The best places for fishing are Paliastomi and Paravani lakes, Tkibuli and Shaori reservoirs, Black Sea coast of Samegrelo region, especially Anaklia. In Alazani and Aragvi rivers you can catch catfish and carp. There are also fish farms  where you are charged for fishing, but you can be sure that your catch is guaranteed!



Georgia offers another amazing activity that combines loads of different activities into one: hiking, climbing and mountaineering, cliff diving, whitewater swimming and sliding down natural toboggans (like a slip-slide). Canyoning in the beautiful canyons of Georgia is a great way of pushing your own limits and sharing a great day out with your friends and family.



There are a few amazing cave systems in Georgia, from underground rivers and lakes to enormous caverns and limestone scenery. Explore these beautiful caves and see old dinosaur footprints on the rocks dating hundreds of years. Some of the cave systems have not yet been fully explored, but there are caves for instance Prometheus and Sataplia that  are open for visitors and offer a chance to go over a kilometre underground and take a boat across enchanted lakes. 

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