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Kelitsadi Lake Trekking Tour - 3 Days

Duration:  3 days. Best season: July-September

Only a few people visit Kelitsadi lake, located in the south-west of Truso valley, because  it is a very difficult hike including crossing of  two 3400 m high mountain passes, and  you have to hike down through the loose boulder fields. So if you feel you are ready for this challenge,  our guides will accompany you to discover this secluded, yet impressive  place.

Trekking info:

Difficulty: Hard

Distance:  28 km

Max. elevation: 3440 m

Min. elevation: 2020 m    

Total climb: 2060 m

Total descent: 2115 m


Day 1. From Tbilisi 3 hours drive to Truso gorge - 6 km hike along picturesque Truso valley - reach so called ''Heaven's Camping'' located 2600 m and overnight in tents.

Day 2.  ''Heaven's Camping''- 12 km hike - crossing Khorisari pass (3400 m) and down to the lake located at 3081 m - Overnight in tents.

Day 3.  Kelitsadi lake - hike 1.5 km uphill to Ese's mountain range 3400 m - to enjoy an astonishing view of the lake and the surrounding mountains - from here hike only downhill 8.5 km and end the hike in Keterisi village where our driver will be waiting for you - drive back to Tbilisi.

End of the tour

Price of the tour depends on the size of the group.  For more details please contact us, as we offer private tours we are ready to make changes in the itinerary  and consider your requirements.

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