Kakheti Region Wine Tour 2 Days

Duration: 2 days. Best season: All year round

During this trip you will try the best varieties of Kakhetian natural wines . You will stay at authentic wine chateaus, meet the best natural wine makers of this region and learn about 8000 years old  Kvevri making technology in a local workshop!

Day 1.

Tbilisi-Badiauri-see how Georgian traditional  bread is baked-visit and explore Bodbe nunnery-Sighnaghi-wine tasting and lunch  at a local natural winery(5 types of wine +Chacha)-walk on the historical wall of Sighnaghi to enjoy the views of Alazani valley and Great Caucasus mountains-drive to Akhasheni-visit a local natuiral winery-wine tasting (3 types of wines) -drive to Kondoli and visit a local natural winery-wine tasting(4 types of wine +Chacha) -drive to Telavi-Overnight in Telavi at a wine chateau. Driving time 4 hours.

Day 2.

Telavi-drive to Vardisubani-visit to a kvevri workshop and learn about the 8000 years old thecnology-drive to Rusipiri-wine tasting(5 types of wine) at a biodinamic winery-drive to Alaverdi monastery-Saniore-wine tasting(5 types of wine) at a family run natural winery-Zemo Alvani-lunch and wine tasting(3 types of wine) at a family run natural winery-optional cooking class-Tbilisi.

Driving time 4 hours

End of the tour

For more details about the  tour packages  and prices please contact us. As we offer private tours we are ready to make changes in the itineraries  and consider your requirements.

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