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Tbilisi is the capital and largest city of Georgia. You should explore old part of the city. Metekhi church, Narikala fortress, Botanical garden, Leghvtakhevi waterfall, Suplhur bath distrcit ''Abanotubani(we reccommend you to try Gulo's bath or Multicolored bath). Great Synagogue, Sharden street, Statue of Tamada, Sinoi cathedral, Ancichkhati church, Gabriadze theatre&tower, Freedome square, Rustaveli avenue with its beautiful 19th century buildings. Do not forget to shop at a Dry Bridge flea market and visit Mtsatsminda  park to enjoy the views of the city. We also recommend you to  visit and explore 19th century buildings of Sololaki and Chughureti districts. 

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Mtskheta is the former capital of an ancient Georgian kingdom of Iberia. Mtskheta 3000 years old town still remains as themost religious city of Georgia as it had been a shrine of Pagan idols and it was the place where Christianity was declared as the official religion of Georgian in 337AD. Jvari monastery with great views of the confluence of Mtkvari and Aragvi river and Svetitskhoveli cathedral these 2 UNESCO heritage sites should be your top destinations here. Also we recommend you to shop at a local souvenir and sweets market on the way to Svetitskhoveli cathedral as the choice is quite wide and prices are also decent here. 

If you have more time Samtavro, Shiomghvime and Zedazeni monasteries can be also visited near Mtskheta.

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Kutaisi the oldest city and the capital of legendary Colchis kingdom dates from the 14th century BC. According to the Greek mythology it was the seat of Aeetes son of Helios  and it was the last destination for Jason and the Argonauts in the search of the legendary Golden Fleece. 

Numerous sites should be visited in and nearby kutaisi:

-Gelati monastery-UNESCO WHS from the 12th century, Motsameta monastery and Bagrati cathedral-the symbol of united Georgia.

-Prometheus and Sataplia caves are also the must While Prometheus cave is more impressive, you will find the footprints of Herbivorous and Raptor dinosaurs of different epochs in Sataplia

-Katskhi pillar-Located 60 kilometers from Kutaisi; In the village of Katskhi, the Pillar is a natural limestone monolith. It stands 40 meters tall, overlooking the surrounding river valley. There is a small church and a clergy house on top of the Pillar.

-Vani archeological museum. This museum holds the majority of the archeological artefacts from the site of Vani. In 1987, the Gold Reserve was opened within the museum, which preserves the unique pieces created by Vani’s ancient goldsmiths. The exhibition also displays architectural materials, as well as unique bronze figures and their fragments.

-Okatse canyon-Okatse Canyon is situated in the village of Gordi, some 42 kilometers from Kutaisi. The length of the canyon is about 16 kilometers, its width ranges from 10 to 15 meters, and it is about 50 meters deep. Along the canyon you can find several waterfalls, one of which measures 70 meters high. Ziplining and canyoning are popular activities here.

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