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Western Georgia Wine Tour 2 Days

Duration: 2 days. Best season: All year round

We will be visiting Imeretian and Megrelian natural wineries during this tour. These are one of the most diverse regions of Georgian wine making. Climatic conditions and soil composition are very different and so are the wines -  playful, vibrant, fleshy and lively. In the west Georgia the classic technology (White wine) of winemaking is mainly used and also, the Kvevri (a clay vessel) is actively used, which is called Churi in the west. However, unlike Kakheti, the volume of the grape must is significantly lower in the grape juice, which contributes delicate structure and elegance to the wines. These wines are playful, vibrant, fleshy and lively. Western Georgian cuisine is known for its plentiful use of walnuts, fresh cheese, veggies and spices. 

So get ready to meet the real Georgian hospitality. Discover the boundless diversity of the western Georgian viticulture and cuisine and explore the cultural heritage of the ancient Kingdom of Colches.

Day 1. 

Tbilisi - drive to the west Georgian region Imereti - visit Ubisa monastery on the way - drive to the village Zeindari - visit local natural wine producer and have a wine and food pairing - optional visit to the museum of Vani which hosts some of the most precious artifacts dating from the Colchis period - drive to Nakhshirghele - visit another natural winery and have a wine tasting - drive to Gelati and explore Gelati complex - drive to Tskaltubo and visit another winemaker family - have a delicious dinner and taste family's wine. Overnight in Tskaltubo.  Driving time: 4h. 20 min

Day 2.

Tskaltubo - drive to Martvili - visit Martvili canyon - take a short boat trip and explore the canyon  - visit Oda family natural winery and have lunch with delicious Megrelian dishes and taste natural wine - optional cooking class - drive to Kvaliti and visit one of the best Imeretian natural winemaker - have a tasting of his wines - drive back to the east - stop for the pottery market in Shrosha - Tbilisi. Overnight in Tbilisi. Driving time: 5 hours

End of the tour

For more details about the tour and prices, please contact us. As we offer private tours, we are ready to make changes in the itineraries and consider your requirements

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